Cheapmunks: Pakistan's Most Powerful Weapon

cover of the Atlantic

The relationship between America and Pakistan has been going downhill fast. The December issue of The Atlantic is very hard on Pakistan. It calls Pakistan "The Ally From Hell".

Pakistan lies. It hosted Osama bin Laden (knowingly or not). Its government is barely functional. It hates the democracy next door. It is home to both radical jihadists and a large and growing nuclear arsenal (which it fears the U.S. will seize). Its intelligence service sponsors terrorists who attack American troops. With a friend like this, who needs enemies?-the Atlantic

It is a mistake to put all of the people of Pakistan into one group. There are many different groups of people in Pakistan. Just like  there are many groups in America and other nations. America has only had a relationship with the government and military leaders in Pakistan. It also needs to build a good relationship with the youth of Pakistan.

You do not have to be an intelligence analyst to know that, the Cheapmunks are not sponsors of terrorists. The Cheapmunks do not want a war with India. The youth of Pakistan are good people. Over the next few years they will take over Pakistan. Let's not do anything to make them hate America. Just saying, let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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