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What's next for Trump's travel ban executive order

How do you get Trump's travel ban executive order to work? How do you keep it from being blocked by some judge ? You have to take Muslims out of the equation. How do you do this? The answer to this is NATO.  The North Atlantic Treaty Organization. There are 28 nations that are members of NATO.  NATO created a group  called the Partnership for Peace . The Partnership for Peace is made up of about 22 nations. The United States created a group of nations known as Major non-NATO allies. Some of the Major non-NATO allies are Japan , South Korea and Israel.

Look at these 3 groups. NATO , Partnership for Peace and Major non-NATO allies . Step 1 would be a  travel ban executive order on all nations not part of the 3 groups. If Trump is able to put step 1 in place. If it does not get blocked. Then step 2. Step 2 would be an executive order that would give a waiver to a specific list of countries. NATO was created for security.  The Partnership for Peace was created for security.  Major non…

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